If you'd like to help kids by playing games, you're our kind of awesome.
Extra Life works like a 5k for your thumbs. Gamers register by joining our team (at the link above the video), by creating their own team, or by playing as an individual.
When you register, you get your own fundraising page that you can customize, including the URL. Share the URL through email and social media, and ask friends and family to sponsor you with a donation of any size. 100% - every penny - of the money you raise goes to help the Children's Miracle Network (CMN) Hospital of your choice. In Bakersfield, that's the Lauren Small Children's Center at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital.
Then, on Extra Life Day (or any day you choose), you play games. What you play, where, how long and with whom are all up to you. Many people play for 24 hours straight. Some play for 12. Others stream online once a month. How you "Extra Life" is up to you.
This year, for the first time since 2012, we will not be hosting a group gaming event. But we are still signing up, raising money and ready to play some games and heal some kids. Won't you join us?


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