What is Extra Life? 
Extra Life is a program of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN) where game fans register online for free, choose a hospital, raise money, and then play games to "earn" that money. Think of it like a 5k for your thumbs.
Since 2012, gamers in Kern County have raised over $175,000 for the Lauren Small Children's Center (LSCC) at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, the only CMN hospital in Kern County.
Most gamers play from home, alone or with a few friends. Many livestream their games over platforms like Twitch, Mixer, YouTube or Facebook Live, and they give those that watch their stream a chance to donate online and help them raise funds.
The great thing about Extra Life is that you can...
- Play what you want. 
- Play when you want. 
- Play as long as you want. 
- Play where you want. 
- Play with whomever you want.
Extra Life is not a competition or a tournament.   
Extra Life is not about BEING good AT games.
Extra Life is about DOING good WITH games!
If you like League of Legends or Fortnight - great!
If Yahtzee or Scrabble is more your speed - great!
You're our kind of gamer!
Because of COVID-19, we're not doing our typical group gaming event, but we're not going smaller. No way.
We are going ALL. IN.
Goal #1: Recruit 1,000 gamers. Not just sign them up but get 1,000 gamers committed to our team and our mission. SIGN UP HERE
Goal #2: Raise $100,000 for LSCC by 12/31/2020. That's three times our biggest fundraising year to-date. That's an average of $100 per team member.
Goal #3: Give away the biggest gaming prize package ever (for us, at least) to one lucky participant or donor. MORE INFO HERE
Goal #4: Re-imagine this year's event as a kind of online gaming party where people can participate from home. The day we've selected is Saturday, October 10, 2020 (Ten-Ten-Twenty-Twenty!)
Here are some links where you can connect with us:
Email: ExtraLifeBakersfield@gmail.com
Extra Life Official Page:
(Get more info about the Extra Life program)
Extra Life Team Bakersfield page for recruiting:
(Go here to join our team)
Extra Life Bakersfield
Extra Life Team Bakersfield page for donations:
(Go here to make a donation to our team)
Team Bakersfield
Facebook: Extra Life Bakersfield
Twitter: @ExtraLifeBako
Twitch: ExtraLifeBakersfield
Youtube: Extra Life Bakersfield
Instagram: ExtraLifeBakersfield
Snapchat: ExtraLifeBako (no link, in app only)
Tik-Tok: ExtraLifeBakersfield (no link, in app only)
Discord: ExtraLifeBakersfield (no link, in app only)
Register right now at
if you haven't already. It may still ask you if you're an individual or if you want to join a team - our team name should pop up. And make sure you pick the Lauren Small Children's Center as your hospital or you won't be eligible for the prize drawings. If you're already on another team OR you want to start your own team, that's fine too, but you have to let us know or we can't count you in the drawings.
THEN: Recruit every gamer you know. We want every. single. gamer. in Kern County to be on this team, fighting the good fight!
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