Campus Gamers at CSUB


The Campus Gamers club at California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB), was created in September, 2011. The club has been honored with over 50 outstanding student leadership awards and has had multiple members inducted into the CSUB Student Leader Hall of Fame and the Roadrunner Society. Campus Gamers has sister organizations on the CSUB-Antelope Valley campus and the Bakersfield College campus (The "Renegamers.")

Campus Gamers' Ten Commandments

          Campus Gamers shall build long-term relationships by connecting students that enjoy similar games.

          Campus Gamers shall introduce members to new, foreign, vintage and historic games.

          Campus Gamers shall promote diversity though platform neutrality and respect for all types of gaming and gamers.

          Campus Gamers shall promote games as a tool to improve mental, physical and emotional health.

          Campus Gamers shall promote games as a tool to improve education.

          Campus Gamers shall promote games as a tool for fundraising and philanthropy.

          Campus Gamers shall promote game creation as a hobby and career option.

          Campus Gamers shall promote the game industry as a career option regardless of field of study.

          Campus Gamers shall use games for community service by collaborating with other organizations.

          Campus Gamers shall represent games and gamers in a positive manner to the local community.



The requirements of membership are:

Must be a current CSUB student.

Must attend at least three business meetings or club sponsored events, not counting open gaming sessions.

Must register as a member of Extra Life Team Bakersfield. Raising funds is not a requirement.

Must submit a membership registration form that confirms the top three requirements were met, as well as expectations of members, areas of interest, shirt size, etc.

Non-CSUB students are welcome to join the club at meetings on campus and at events off-campus, and are treated like non-voting members.


Community Service


Campus Gamers provides game consoles, software, monitors and controllers for a variety of local groups like Kern Co. Dept. of Human Services' "Breakfast With Santa" event for foster youth, the "KISSMAS" party for the Bakersfield Homeless Center, game days for clients at the New Advances for People with Disabilities center, and more.

The club has also provided gaming equipment for BakAnime, the Bakersfield Mini-Con, Bakersfield Comic-Con, Bakersfield Collector-Con, Ani-Me Con, FresCon, the Tulare CA Sci-Fi Con, the Bakersfield Home and Garden Show and the former L.A. Cosplay Con.




Campus Gamers' biggest annual event is "Extra Life", a gaming marathon to raise money for the Lauren Small Children's Center at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital (BMH). Since 2012, the club has raised over $200,000 by loaning gaming equipment for use at events, securing donations of food and prizes, and promoting the events on campus and around Bakersfield.

The club can be reached at