The Rowdy Rocks Stage is located between the Student Recreation Center and University Police.
  • 10:00a: Offline

  • 11:00a: Club Dance Performance

  • 11:30a: Club Dance Performance

  • 12:00p: Cosplay Panel: How Cosplay, Games and   General Nerd Culture Bring People Together

  • 12:30p: Cosplay Panel, cont.

  •   1:00p: Dancers United Student Org Performance

  •   1:30p: Tatou Uma Polynesian Dance Performance

  •   2:00p: Sideshow Performance

  •   2:30p: Sideshow Performance, cont.

  •   3:00p: Club Performance

  •   3:30p: Club Performance

  •   4:00p: Cosplay Catwalk

  •   4:30p: Cosplay Catwalk, cont.

  •   5:00p: Offline - reset for concert.

  •   5:30p: Rowdy Rocks Concert (til sunset 7:45)

  •   7:45p: Mini-Sideshow Performance

  •   8:00p: Movie: Sonic the Hedgehog

tatou uma.jpg

Come see the talented students from the Tatou Uma Polynesian Dance School as they perform dances to music from Moana, Lilo and Stitch and more, at 4:30 PM on the Maid Cafe Stage.

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