The Rowdy Rocks Stage is located between the Student Recreation Center and University Police.
  • 10:00a: Offline

  • 11:00a: Club Dance Performance

  • 11:30a: Club Dance Performance

  • 12:00p: Cosplay Panel: How Cosplay, Games and   General Nerd Culture Bring People Together

  • 12:30p: Cosplay Panel, cont.

  •   1:00p: Dancers United Student Org Performance

  •   1:30p: Tatou Uma Polynesian Dance Performance

  •   2:00p: Sideshow Performance

  •   2:30p: Sideshow Performance, cont.

  •   3:00p: Club Performance

  •   3:30p: Club Performance

  •   4:00p: Cosplay Catwalk

  •   4:30p: Cosplay Catwalk, cont.

  •   5:00p: Offline - reset for concert.

  •   5:30p: Rowdy Rocks Concert (til sunset 7:45)

  •   7:45p: Mini-Sideshow Performance

  •   8:00p: Movie: Sonic the Hedgehog

Come see the talented students from the Tatou Uma Polynesian Dance School as they perform dances to music from Moana, Lilo and Stitch and more, at 4:30 PM on the Maid Cafe Stage.

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